<strong>The 9 Best Autumn Activities to Get in the Fitness Spirit</strong>
This was a brutally hot summer for a lot of folks, which might have made exercising hard. As the days are starting to cool, there are plenty of healthy autumn activities that can be a good opportunity to embrace this season or get in shape for winter sports.
Are You A Workout Addict?
Learn about the signs, causes, and dangers of workout addiction, a behavioral disorder characterized by an unhealthy obsession with exercise.
Restarting your Workout after an Injury
Page Description: Dealing with an injury can be a major setback for anyone looking to get fitter. If you’ve been injured and are eager to return to working out, but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve got you covered. We’ll look at all the best ways to resume your fitness regime post injury, from what […]
Mushrooms and mushroom based products: benefits in exercise and bodybuilding
Page Description: Feeling tired of consuming the same protein sources in your diet? Why not add mushrooms and mushroom-based products to the mix? Not only delicious but packed with nutrition, there’s a range of potential health benefits from mushrooms that can be useful for exercise and bodybuilding goals. Read on to learn more about the […]
Calorie ratings: the one thing you’re probably not paying attention to
Page Description: Enjoying a fit lifestyle and bodybuilding? To make sure you’re getting the most out of your routine, having the right diet can be a major game-changer. Many people focus on proteins such as meat, eggs, and dairy but an ever-growing interest in mushrooms and mushroom-based products as dietary supplements is emerging. These alternatives […]
Staying fit with Ayurveda
Page Description: People try out different things, approaches, and strategies to reach their fitness goals. However, there’s an ancient holistic approach to fitness of Hindi origin called Ayurveda which was previously neglected but is now being accepted by people. This article highlights the overview, benefits, and ways of achieving fitness using the Ayurvedic approach. What […]
Creating Your Gym on a Budget
Page Description: Not everyone is comfortable working out in public gyms because of the crowd. Hence, they choose to do indoor workouts. Buoyant people in this category set up home gyms for their workouts. They buy all the sophisticated equipment available in the gym for their home use. However, other people don’t like to work […]
Effect of climate change on bodybuilding
Page Description: For people who have already started their fitness journey, there are times when everything seems to pause. You stop seeing significant changes in your body, and sometimes you lack the motivation to continue. That might seem normal, but did you ever think that you are feeling that way because of the climate change […]
Cannabis and Workouts
Page Description: You probably must have heard or seen someone who smokes or gets high before exercising. Some people like to get high before or after working out. However, there has been some confusion about how safe it is to use cannabis before or after a workout. This article highlights everything you need to know […]
Working out in the garden vs indoors: tips and benefits
Page Description: Due to an increase in awareness of the benefits of working out, the number of people adding workouts to their daily routine is on the rise. However, some people are confused as to which is better, working out indoors or in outdoor places like gardens. If you are a part of the group […]
Fitting workouts into a busy schedule
Page Description: The spread of awareness of the importance of exercising or workouts to our health and well-being has got many people to find ways to integrate exercise or workouts into their daily routines. However, it’s challenging for some people, and that is understandable because people already have a lot on their plates daily. If […]
Countering junk food addiction
Page Description: Do you crave chocolate or ice cream like your life depends on it? It’s understandable. Junks are sweet but their effect on our health is harmful. Junk addiction works like food addiction. People know of its effect on our health but sometimes can’t help themselves. If you are part of the people looking […]
Cycling: The ultimate aerobic
Page Description: When it comes to fitness and wellness, aerobic exercises play a significant role. They help to improve heart conditioning, and slow down or prevent the development of heart-related diseases, hypertension, obesity, type 2 diabetes, stroke, metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance syndrome, some types of cancers, and other health issues.   An exercise is aerobic when it […]
Exercise and dementia: protect yourself actively
Page Description: Several studies and testimonies show that regular exercise plays a significant role in preventing and controlling a lot of health challenges, including Mental health. Exercise boosts mental health, improves cardiovascular health and blood circulation, enhances flexibility, prevents the risk of developing health issues, and helps a person lead a healthy lifestyle.  Regular exercise […]
Organic vs Non-GMO: what’s the difference, and which should you choose?
Page Description: Due to increasing health issues, people are getting more concerned about what they consume. Hence, the need for clarity on the different labels found on foods in grocery stores. Farm produce such as grains, fruit and vegetables, dairy produce, meat, fish, and tubers are either labeled ‘organic’ or ‘non-GMO’. Most people get stuck […]
Pre and post-workout herbs for athletes
Page Description: If you are an athlete or know someone who is, spare some minutes to read through this article. Many athletes underestimate the power of herbs in their fitness journey. There are a lot of herbs that will help your body during, before, and even after a workout session. These herbs help you stay […]
Top breakfast recipes for muscle building
Page Description: Everyone agrees that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only does breakfast power your brain with alertness and boost your energy level, but some specifics also help you build your muscle especially if you are a bodybuilder or you’re keen on your physical fitness. You will find in this […]
Introducing your kids to workout
Page Description: Workouts or exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle that is not limited to any age or gender. The earlier you include exercise in your daily routine, the healthier you’ll be. Exercise should be a part of everyone’s routine, including kids. However, telling parents to introduce their kids to work out […]
Nutrition health shakes to aid workouts
Page Description: If you are very particular about your fitness routine, you must have found by now the importance of nutrition health shakes to aid your workout. As a gym goer, these health shakes are great supplements to your diet to help you easily recover faster from your training. In this article, we will be […]
Roles of Hormones in weight loss
Page Description: Hormones are one of the other factors that contribute to weight loss besides dieting and exercising. Hormones can promote weight gain and inhibit weight loss, making them a crucial factor to consider in your weight loss journey. In this article, we’ll look at several hormones and the role they play in our weight […]
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