Low Testosterone
Imagine the ideal man – well-built, macho, energetic and confident, right? Now, imagine a less ideal man – poorly built, less confident, and by all means a shade of the first. While it is easy to tell the physical difference between men, differentiating what goes on inside them may be harder. However, one internal difference […]
Defining a Dietary Deficiency
It is no secret that food is necessary for life. Eating a balanced diet provides all the nutrients needed for individual cells to function optimally and for tissues to grow. However, we’re often oblivious to how these nutrients act in the body. Provided we take them in the required amounts, all we will see and […]
Stretch Marks and Bodybuilding
Have you ever looked at someone’s skin or maybe yours and noticed some concentric lines? Chances are, you were looking at stretch marks. Chances also are, you didn’t like them. Many people don’t find stretch marks attractive. However, they are normal and almost inevitable when your skin expands as you grow. While stretch marks are […]
Free Radicals and Antioxidants
They say free things often come at a great cost. This is absolutely the case for “free” radicals. Free radicals are behind many damaging effects in the body, including cellular aging and death, cancer, cardiovascular ailments, etc. Luckily, the healthy body is able to mop up most of the free radicals circulating it and keep […]
Best Hydration Supplements
If you’re feeling extremely weak, nauseous and sluggish, you may be down with something, like the flu or an infection. However, there’s also the chance that you’re just thirsty. More than 75% of Americans suffer some form of dehydration resulting in fatigue, bowel problems, reduced immunity etc. Dehydration may also increase the risk of heatstrokes […]
What is pH, and How Should We Balance It?
We’ve all heard of pH, things being balanced or unbalanced, acidic or alkaline. Besides being health taglines, what does this mean, and why should we care about our body’s pH? This article will discuss what pH is, the difference between acidic and alkaline, pH’s effect on the body, and how we can adjust our pH. […]
Nitrogen and Muscle Growth
For anyone interested in gaining muscle, there are plenty of rules to follow – you must do the right exercises, maintain your routines, get enough rest and sleep, and, importantly, eat the right type of diet. When it comes to diet, there are several factors involved. Several nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and zinc play important […]
Orthotics in Workouts
Foot injuries are one of the most common for athletes. Foot injuries, even when healing, make it nigh impossible to complete any workout. The pain is excruciating, and there is always the possibility of worsening the injury. So how do you manage workouts and keep fit in the face of foot injuries? The answer to […]
Workout Routines to Start Your Fitness Journey and Get in Shape
“This year, I’m going to start working out and get in shape” – That was your resolution at the start of the year. Funny enough, that’s what you said last year. And the year before and the year before that too. Beginning your workout journey can be tough. It’s normal to feel some confusion as […]
Digestion, Exercise and Bodybuilding
I wondered how I ate so much without exploding when I was younger. I mean, my stomach expanded when I ate, but it was back to its regular size after a while. I thought my stomach was a magic store, but it made no sense why it kept asking for more food no matter how […]
Muscle Growth
Virtually every man dreams of having a god-like physique with well-defined muscles. Even women dream of having a physique with well-toned muscles. Not only is this physique more attractive, but it is also more healthy since more muscle mass means less body fat. Unfortunately, growing muscle is no easy task and often requires a highly […]
9 Supplements To Fight Fatigue and Enhance Mental Focus
Fatigue is a normal response to life’s daily stresses. However, constant fatigue is a terrible problem that messes with several aspects of life. Fatigue doesn’t just affect physical health but also causes mental breakdown and loss of focus. Fatigue makes one feel unwell and lost throughout the day. Imagine feeling that way for days on […]
Creams, Lotions, Hair and Skin Products to Keep You Looking and Feeling Great
There’s an old saying that goes, “You are what you eat.” There’s a lot of truth to that, but we should also pay attention to what products we use on our bodies. We all want to look and feel our best, and there’s so much out there in the world of creams, lotions, hair and […]
Fat Burning Supplements and Exercise Performance
Gaining fat is one of the easiest journeys a man could ever embark on. However, burning it off is as difficult as getting a camel through a needle’s eye. It takes a lot of consistency, determination and hard work to lose fat efficiently. Exercise and proper dieting are effective for fat burning. However, it takes […]
Caffeine and its Effects on Exercise
Caffeine is one of the most important natural products. It has become a big part of our lives, so much so that virtually everyone relies on a hot cup of coffee to get the day going or get through a long night. It’s also a major ingredient in many carbonated beverages like coke, energy drinks […]
Exercise and Target Heart Rate
When you rest in a very quiet area, so quiet that you can hear your heartbeat and feel its rhythm, you observe how calm and periodic it is – like a clock’s ticking. This is in stark contrast to the chaotic beating you observe when you’re engaged in a flight or fight situation like running […]
Potassium: Benefits, Sources and Effects on Bodybuilding
What do potatoes and tomatoes have in common? Well, they are both vegetables (of sorts, tomatoes are technically fruits) and they both end with the suffix -toes. Asides from that, however, they are both rich sources of various nutrients, one of which is POTASSIUM. Potassium is one of the most important nutrients needed by the […]
Muscle Massage
Spas are becoming very popular today. This is because many people go through pain and stress in their day-to-day activities, making it necessary for them to get some form of relief. Thankfully, muscle massages have proven to be effective in helping to heal sore muscles and cope with stress adequately.   What is Massage? Massage […]
Exercise, Bodybuilding and Blood Pressure
Exercise is often pointed out to remedy hypertension. However, there is a much more complex relationship between both. The type of exercise you do matters, and often, certain activities can contribute to causing hypertension as others contribute to lowering blood pressure. Here, we’ll look at blood pressure, how exercise and bodybuilding activities can affect it, […]
Workouts for Calf Muscles
There are many components to a good physique – you need those broad chiselled chests, flat-six-packed abs, ribbed lower backs, incredibly muscular legs, and to cap it off, you need some well-toned, strengthened, godlike calves. Most people focus their exercise routines on building chest and abs while ignoring their lower body. But everyone knows that […]
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