Toning: Why Bother with it?
A lot of people look to body building looking to – what else? – build muscle. However, there’s a whole other side to body building called muscle toning. A lot of people would rather not bother with it – and indeed they don’t – because it doesn’t build muscle. So, what exactly is the value […]
Muscle Building Vs. Muscle Toning
If you’ve spent much time around the gym, you’ve probably heard people talking about muscle building and muscle toning. However, the differences can be subtle and the workouts nuanced. Generally, muscle building is associated with muscle size and strength, while muscle tone is associated with muscle shape and endurance. The general mantra is “high weight […]
Yoga as Exercise
The venn diagram of people who read this website and who do yoga probably features precious little overlap. The goal of this article is to expand that overlap. It’s true, yoga isn’t great for building muscle. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth your time. Yoga has loads of benefits that don’t come from most […]
Is Martial Arts its Own Workout?
Is Martial Arts its Own Workout? If you’re here, you’re definitely interested in working out. And, there’s a lot of overlap in the working out and martial arts communities. But, from a biological perspective, is there a lot of overlap between the two? Can practicing martial arts be its own workout? As with all yes-or-no […]
The Difference Between Power Lifting and Weight Lifting
The Difference Between Powerlifting and Weightlifting If you’re fairly new to the body building space, you may have heard the terms “power lifting” and “weightlifting,” without really knowing the difference. You may even think that they’re interchangeable, which isn’t exactly true. The short of it is that powerlifting is the competition form of weightlifting. Of […]
Planning Your Weekly Workout Routine
When it comes to maintaining your general health and wellness, most experts point to numbers like twenty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per day, most days of the week. However, if you’re looking to build major muscle, you probably need to think more ambitiously. However, the longer you’ve been in body building, the more that […]
A Guide to the Forearm Muscles
You know the forearm, between the wrist and the elbow. And you know the forearm muscles, like the flexor digitorum superficialis. Everyone’s favorite, right? Most bodybuilders have an above-average understanding of anatomy, talking about muscles like the pecs, delts, abs, lats, glutes, quads, biceps and triceps. However, few are able to banter about their favorite […]
The Rotator Cuff: What it is and How to Respect it
The Rotator Cuff: What it is and How to Respect it Your joints aren’t just where bones meet. Joints are protected and made useful by muscles that move those bones and contribute in holding them together. The greater range of motion a joint has, the more it relies on muscle and the more susceptible it […]
Best Body Resistance Exercises
There’s a lot to be said for machines and free weights. However, body resistance exercises have a lot of advantages too. You don’t need to clear time on your calendar for them, you can do them anywhere, they don’t require equipment that you need to buy, find space for, or pay a subscription to use. […]
Science and Psychology of Skip Days
The Science and Psychology of Skip Days There’s a lot to be said for sticking to a diet or routine but if you think that skip days are for cheaters, you might be oversimplifying things. Here, we’re going to look at skip days for diets and workout routines. We’re going to look at how taking […]
Exercise and Mental Health: How They Go Together
Exercise and Mental Health: How they Go Together Exercise and mental health can actually interact in some pretty surprising ways. Sometimes mental and physical health hygiene can help each other out but they can also hurt each other. Here, we’ll explain how to play the two together and use one to improve the other. We’ll […]
Popular Workout Diets: Which One is Best for You?
Popular Workout Diets: Which One is Best for You? There are a lot of popular workout diets out there that promise to help you lose fat and gain muscle. Some of them have some good evidence and science behind them. Others, not so much. So, which workout diet is right for you? That depends on […]
Workout Playlists: What’s the Best Music Streaming Platform?
Comedian Jaboukie Young-White once joked about going to a gym and seeing a man on a treadmill at a full sprint – no headphones. Most of us like to listen to music (or podcasts?) while we work out. You might even have your own custom workout playlists. However, there are so many platforms out there. […]
Upper Body Workouts for Beginners
A lot of newcomers to the workout scene are primarily interested in upper body workouts. Maybe it’s because you walk a lot and want to balance things out. Maybe you figure that you’re more likely to have a bare upper half than a bare lower half. Whatever your reasons for your upper body focus, we’re […]
All about Energy and Energy Metabolism
How does your body convert food to energy? What does that energy do to your body? Have you heard of Energy Metabolism?
Exercise and Endorphins
Some people hate working out. Others enjoy it and wonder why. Learn what exercise does to your brain and how it helps you maximum your workouts
Back Muscles 101: Overview, Functions, and More
Wondering how to isolate the different muscles in your back? Keep reading for the back's structure and the best exercises for it
Muscle Soreness Vs. Injury: Know the Difference
Learn how to tell the difference between muscle soreness and muscle injury. No pain, no gain, but too much pain is too much strain! Stay informed to stay in shape!
Top Vegan Bodybuilding Meals
Achieve your nutrient surplus the Veganism way! See the Top Vegan Bodybuilding Meals that allow you to maximize your health and gains!
Yohimbe 101: Sources, Pros, Cons and More
This Yohimbe 101 discusses its sources, pros and cons, and more. Find out how this can benefit your muscle building journey.
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