What Is VO2 Max, and How Can You Increase it?
VO2 Max can describe the most oxygen that you can get from a breath or it can describe the amount of oxygen required for a given activity
How Alcohol and Tobacco Use Affect Your Workout
alcohol and tobacco use can and will negatively impact your workout if you let them.
Applying RICE for Muscle Soreness
RICE, or “Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate” is a tried and true method of pain relief as well as a helpful measure to make sure that mild wear-and-tear on your muscles doesn’t become something more serious.
Compression Braces and Tapes and Your Workout
Most compression braces are specifically designed to help support joints with a more limited range of motion like the knee or the elbow. These joints are meant to bend in a particular direction and lifting too much or messing up form on a new lift could damage the ligaments that keep the bones in a joint together.
Fridge Food: A Guide to Meal Prepping
You know that cooking on your own is healthier and cheaper than buying frozen food or eating out. But, you’re so busy. If you can’t stop off and pick something up on the way home, you need fridge food. You need to know that you can grab something out of the ice box, heat it […]
How to Shop Smarter for Groceries
A common theme here at HTBM is that bulking muscle isn’t something that only happens at the gym. It also happens in your heart, in your mind, and in your kitchen. But, if you’re going to have the nutritional tools that you need in your kitchen you need to know how to shop. Here, we’ll […]
An Introduction to Legal Steroids for Muscle Growth
Admit it: You’ve been at least curious about steroids. Even if you aren’t interested in taking them, you should at least know what they are. After all, they weren’t invented in some secret lab to rig the Olympics or create super soldiers for the government. Steroids have a bad rap but they’re naturally occurring and, […]
Exploring Intermittent Fasting
If you spend much time throwing weights around, you’ve probably heard of “intermittent fasting” as a tool that some people are using to lose weight and bulk muscle. Naturally, we’re all about bulking muscle be we’re also skeptical of fads, and you should be too. Here, we’ll explore the science of intermittent fasting, determine whether […]
How do Cable Machines Work Your Muscles?
Exercise sensations like Crossfit have us looking back to a simpler time. When weights were weights and men got strong by flipping tires. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics of body resistance and free weights – at HTBM, those are some of our favorite ways to work out. However, if you never open […]
Quarantine Activities to Stay in Shape
Here at How to Bulk Muscle, we try to write articles that won’t go bad over time. We do this by sticking to established facts of nutrition and exercise science, rather than playing newspaper or chasing trendy clickbait headlines. However, it looks like Covid-19 is going to stick around for a while and our readers […]
The Best Fat Burning Exercises
Here at How To Bulk Muscle, we tend to focus on – well – bulking muscle. However, we also understand that a lot of people who get into the sport are also interested in burning fat. So, what are the best fat burning exercises for people who also want to build muscle? You Can’t Actually […]
Workout equipment that you do and don’t need
If you’ve spent much time in the fitness space, you might have an idea of how much workout equipment is really out there. So, the question is, how much do you really need? Some workout equipment that you on the shelves or on television is worth your money. Some of it will just take up […]
parkour: Running, Jumping and Climbing
Parkour: How and Why to Incorporate Free Running into Your Workouts From computer games like the Assassin’s Creed series to television programs like Ninja Warrior, free running – also known as “parkour” is everywhere you look. The sport, the practice, the art, whatever you want to call it, has been popularly defined as “getting from […]
Optimizing Your Workout Space
Whether you have a gym membership or not, having a workout space in your home is important. It doesn’t have to be solely dedicated to working out all of the time. However, if you have a lot of equipment like free weights sets or a home gym, this may be necessary. Whether you have a […]
Back Muscles 102: Focusing on Workouts
The too-oft-neglected back muscles deserve a lot of attention. And, we’ve already given them a whole article. However, that article was more about the muscles than it was about how to bulk them. Knowing the muscles and what they do is important, but it’s not everything. We’ve been getting feedback that while our initial article […]
Workout Logs: Recording Every Rep
When it comes to being fit, the guidelines are pretty general. They vary a bit based on what agency wrote them, but they all read something like “moderate activity for at least thirty minutes each day most days of the week.” So, who needs a workout log? If you’re just interested in staying healthy, it’s […]
Tricep Guide: Location, Functions, and Workouts
The upper arm. Home of the bicep, and a bone. While many of us know a whole bunch of exercises to get swole biceps, too many of us are apt to ignore the humble tricep, across the humerus from the bicep. If you spend much time rolling around this site, you know our philosophies on […]
Finding the Best Protein Bar
When you’re working out, your body needs protein. There are a lot of ways to get protein including shakes, powders and your regular diet. However, if you work out away from home, then protein bars are your most convenient option. But, what’s the best protein bar? Here, we’ll take a look at some of the […]
Who’s your workout partner? How to exercise with others
Some people insist on going to the gym with a workout partner. Others are more the lone-wolf type. No matter which camp you’re in, this article is for you. If you tend to work out by yourself, this article will provide some of the best reasons to find someone else to lift with. If you […]
Weight Goals and Muscle Goals: What’s Healthy?
Working out is healthy. That’s a good starting point but, after that, things start to get complicated. What are healthy weight goals? Is there such a thing as unhealthy muscle goals? Where do you even start? Weight Metrics The first step to choosing a healthy weight goal is understanding how weight is measured. It’s a […]
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